Coaching for moms

Make working motherhood work for you,

your family, your employer and your career.

What if you could feel stronger, more capable and more confident as a working mom?

It’s possible, and we can work together to make a plan for you to get there.


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What is it?


Making Working Motherhood Work is dedicated to helping working moms find work-home harmony and feel more comfortable and confident in all that they do.


In the Making Working Motherhood Work    program, I work with brand new moms – moms with young


In 1:1 sessions, the client and I work together to look at the key areas of life that are impacted by working motherhood and develop a personalized plan and strategies for the client to use to thrive in working motherhood.

Do any of these questions

and situations sound familiar

to you?

How can I be a good mom and do well at my job?


How can I continue to advance in my career?


How can I get my husband to help me more at home?

My husband/partner is feeling neglected. We’re not in the best place now. But what can I do? I’m SO tired.

Have my colleagues’ opinions of me changed now that I’m a working mom?

The guilt! So much guilt…


I probably should exercise but when could I possibly get that in??

Good news!

If you could relate to those statements, don’t worry, there’s good news! You are not alone! These feelings are common. I myself felt this way. See About the Coach page for more, but long story short – I am a working mom who after the birth of her son and the return to work, felt that there needed to be more support for working mothers, so I started MWMW.

MWMW works with moms who are adjusting and asking the question that every mom asks, “How am I going to do to this?!?!?” I love helping other moms, and at MWMW, you and I will work together to develop a personalized plan and strategies so you can thrive in working motherhood.

Is MWMW for me?

Many women say that having their first child and becoming a mother was the most joyous occasion of their lives …and that the return to work and transition to working motherhood was one of the most difficult. 

The moms I work with are moms that want to continue working outside the home for a variety of reasons: 

  • Some love their jobs and couldn’t imagine leaving. 

  • Others love their paychecks and the financial stability/freedom/ease that working brings. 

  • Others really appreciate the adult interaction. 

They all have felt conflicted at some point, but knew that working while being a mother was important for them to do. 

Making Working Motherhood Work supports women who are committed to working and committed to their families, who just want a little help to do it all well.

Life can be better!

Thrive? Yes, I said thrive. No doubt, some days you are just trying to survive, just trying to make it. BUT, it is possible for you to feel good about your life at home and at work, for you to do well at your job in what is honestly a difficult time personally. You can actually sharpen your skills. You can accomplish more. You can feel good about what you’re doing and happy with your life. You can enjoy your family and enjoy your work. You can get rid of the guilt! 

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