In coaching, the client and coach work together to help the client identify, create, and live the life they want to live. In the Making Working Motherhood Work    program, the client and I work together in 1:1 coaching sessions to look at the key areas of life that are impacted by working motherhood. 

We then develop a personalized plan and strategies for how the client would like to prepare and respond to thrive in working motherhood and answer the question every mom asks, “How am I going to do this?!?!” 



Coaching Packages

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Named by Forbes as one of the top assessments every executive should take, an attitudinal assessment to help you identify your optimal outlook and responses to stress

Making Working Motherhood Work   -

Power Hour


This "power hour" session is perfect for troubleshooting specific issues around return to work after maternity leave, work-life balance, career transitions, workplace conflict or help with self-care. 


Making Working Motherhood Work   Express


This is an abbreviated program for moms that can't do the full program that provides clients with a better idea of who they want to be as working moms and concrete action steps and strategies to immediately feel less stress and more enjoyment in all they're doing. 

Making Working Motherhood Work   


This is the full MWMW program that looks at each key area of life impacted by working motherhood to help moms guilt rid of guilt and stress and enjoy all that they're doing. 



Benefits clients have gotten from MWMW:

•    Guilt is gone! 
•    Better clarity about what they want out of life now
•    Practical, actionable ideas on how to arrange things in their lives to make everything work

•    Strategies for having crucial conversations with managers and family
•    Safe space to think through things
•    Powerful investment in themselves (really important at a time when so many are demanding so much)
•    Left sessions feeling energized, empowered and encouraged

Best way to know if it will be helpful for you is to try it out. For a free, 30-minute consult click here.


What is coaching?


•    The International Coaching Federation defines coaching “as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

How would this work?

•    Depending on the package purchased, sessions are 45-minute – 1 hour, 1:1 coaching sessions via phone. (Local clients appreciate not having to commute anywhere. I also work with people all over the country.) 
•    Clients also have access to the Resource List, a list of resources that working moms may find useful. 

Who is your typical client? Do you think you could help me? 

•    My typical clients are women who are expecting their first child – women with young children who want to keep working outside the home
•    Their motivations for working outside of the home vary. Sometimes these women are women who love what they do
•    Sometimes these women simply love paying their bills and earning their own income
•    Sometimes these women just prefer a mix of adult and child interaction in their days.
•    Having said that, I’ve also worked with people who don’t match these descriptions. The best way to know if we’re a good fit for each other is to meet in a free 30-minute consultation. Click here to schedule one.

What do you people like about working with you?

•    People like that I am a good listener, non-judgmental, and encouraging. 
How would I know if I would like working with you?
•    The best way is to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to see if you like coaching and if we’re a good fit for each other. Click here to schedule your free session.


•    Moms need support! We don’t have a lot of support in America. (We are the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid maternity leave.) 
•    It’s a TOUGH transition time
•    You are changing, your child is changing. There are a lot of roles and responsibilities to juggle.
•    Every mom asks, “How am I going to do this???” MWMW provides space and a customized plan to do help you do just that. 


This was a great experience, and I’m grateful to Chloe for taking the time to talk with me and help me be more confident and happy in my transition! Chloe was not forceful or leading in her questions, but still created a space that was open enough for me to figure things out on my own. She was so positive and encouraging! I really appreciated how she would recognize something I would say in passing and remind me that those “little” things are worth celebrating! I felt empowered after our talks. Becoming a mom is amazing, and going back to work was really hard, but it was nice to have a safe space to think through some of the difficult parts. I’m typically not the most introspective, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t get much out of the process.  I was wrong! I ended up having a good conversation with my boss after one of our sessions, which has led to me being happier in my work/home balance!” – H.P., mom of infant


I loved working with you and would recommend your program to other moms. You were not judgmental and I loved your voice, personality, positive attitude and respect for my opinion. In working together, I have become more relaxed. I have a better awareness of things that are important to me. I know that and try to make decisions based on those things. In general, I am more open about doing new things and letting go of fears. I would recommend this to moms that have too much on their plates and need to take a step aside and look at their life to become aware of important things and learn themselves a little better.” – A.Y., mom of toddler



I’m available to facilitate workshops or speak at events. Topics include:

Top Time Management Tips for Moms

Proverbs 31 Woman – a Working Mom

Work Home Harmony

Career Advancement

Communication and Negotiation

We can also collaborate to develop the best session for your event.

Contact me to discuss your event

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