In the Making Working Motherhood Work program, the client and I work together in 1:1 coaching sessions to look at the key areas of life that are impacted by working motherhood. We then develop a personalized plan and strategies for how the client would like to prepare and respond to thrive in working motherhood and answer the question every mom asks, “How am I going to do this?!?!”

These 45-minute sessions are held via phone, Skype, or Facetime. Sessions are scheduled by the client via the MWMW Calendly site so they are at a time that is convenient for the client. Typically sessions are held weekly or every other week.

This four-session package is perfect for working moms who would like to work together to get a plan that they then work on, on their own, or working moms who would like help addressing a particular challenge that might only require a few sessions. Like the full Making Working Motherhood Work package, it starts with an assessment to determine where the client is now and where they’d like to be. This is a truncated version where we look at four main areas of working motherhood instead of 10.

Time: 4 sessions


  • Your Ideal Mother
  • You
  • Your Work
  • Your Village


* The suggested topics are ones that I have found to be important in the lives of working moms. If there is a topic you would like to address that is not listed, let me know and we discuss working it into the program. It is important to me that the program meets your needs, so we can adjust the sessions as needed.


  • Better understanding of who the ideal mother is to you so you can focus your energies on being that mom
  • Increased clarity around who you hope to be in your home and workplace
  • Customized strategies for success in working motherhood so for an increased sense of calm, confidence and fulfillment


Client may also have their own goals that they would like to add in addition to the ones listed above. These are welcome. We can cover these in the complimentary session, or our first session.

Making Working Motherhood Work Express