This is the full Making Working Motherhood Work package. In the Making Working Motherhood Work program, the client and I work together in 1:1 coaching sessions to look at the key areas of life that are impacted by working motherhood. We then develop a personalized plan and strategies for how the client would like to prepare and respond to thrive in working motherhood and answer the question every mom asks, “How am I going to do this?!?!”


Time: 10, 45-minute sessions



Your Ideal Mother

Work - Home Harmony


Your Village


Emotional Resilience (how to feel good about what you’re doing and get rid of the guilt)

Your Career

Time Management


Goals and Dreams for the Future

* The suggested topics are ones that I have found to be important in the lives of working moms. If there is a topic you would like to address that is not listed, let me know and we can discuss working it into the program. It is important to me that the program meets your needs, so we can adjust the sessions as needed.



  • Better understanding of who the ideal mother is to you so you can focus your energies on being that mom
  • Increased clarity around who you hope to be as a mother, your career goals and planning, your relationship goals and how to get the support you need to accomplish all you hope to accomplish
  • Customized strategies for success in working motherhood so you can have an increased sense of calm, confidence and fulfillment


Client may also have their own goals that they would like to add in addition to the ones listed above. These are welcome. We can cover these in the complimentary session, or our first session.


Sessions are 1:1 coaching sessions held via phone, Facetime, or Skype. Sessions are scheduled by the client via the MWMW Calendly site so they are at a time that is convenient for the client.


Typically sessions are held weekly or every other week. We will cover one topic in each session. We also take time to check in on progress of action items from previous sessions to ensure clients are meeting their goals.

Because of the personalized nature of coaching, while the topics are the same, what they mean to each client can be different. For example, the “You” self-care topic will lead one person to talk about exercise, another about making time for hobbies, and another about sleep. For some moms, mom guilt is a heavy issue – for others, it’s not really a big deal. Some moms are trying to secure a big promotion, some have just come into a new position, while others are trying to work a few less hours. The beauty of coaching is that we are able to tailor the conversations and action steps to address each person’s needs and support them in their journey. What stays consistent is the safe space to vent, question and plan, and the dedication to the achieving the client’s goals for the session and for the coaching relationship.

Because of the range of topics covered, this package is ideal for pregnant women in their last trimester planning for maternity leave; women on maternity leave planning their return to work; working moms who have just returned to work; or working moms with young children. We will start with an assessment to determine where the client is now and where they’d like to be. Then week to week address the major areas of a working mom’s life, helping the client to see where they are doing well and what they can address to be doing better.



Making Working Motherhood Work


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